Connecting employers with STEM-educated UTC students

An online STEM careers platform, supported by Baker Dearing Educational Trust, that prepares students for employment and offers access to work experience and entry-level roles. Integrating education engagement & entry-level recruitment.

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Education Engagement Tool

Get students excited about your company & career paths

Create an engaging company profile and careers library for students to explore. Ask colleagues to create a 5-minute profile and represent their job on UTC Hub, so students can explore career testimonials of real people working in their dream role.

Education Engagement Tool

Offer industry advice

Engage with students and build your STEM talent pipeline by enabling your approved representatives to answer students’ questions about your company and careers.


Advertise opportunities

Post work experience, apprenticeships and entry-level opportunities to students nationwide

Target specific students

Pinpoint your search criteria and target hard to recruit groups

Manage your opportunities

Manage applicants on the platform or redirect your opportunities to your careers website

Dive deep into your student engagement pipeline

Dive deep into your student engagement pipeline

Analyse the progression of students through each stage of your pipeline on UTC Hub. See how many are progressing from viewing your company profile to viewing careers paths, to interacting with your representatives, to applying to opportunities.

Filter your pipeline by demographic and analyse how successfully your organisation is attracting hard-to-recruit groups. Utilise UTC Hub’s unique algorithmic assessment of your pipeline and act on the automated hints and tips to expand your reach and enable more students to progress through to application.


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