A careers provision that prepares your students for employment

Enabling students to engage with UTC employer partners nationwide, manage their careers activities and secure their dream apprenticeship or job

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What can students do?

Career & company exploration

Explore the extensive library of engaging company and career profiles added by UTC employer partners. View detailed labour market information and engaging testimonials from representatives working in those roles.

What can students do?

Career & company exploration

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What can students do?

Source work experience from the employer network

Apply to work experience opportunities added by UTC employer partners and build up a feedback portfolio to use in UCAS and job applications.


What can students do?

Get careers advice from industry professionals

Ask questions to verified company representatives and obtain advice about pathways into their careers.

What can students do?

Explore & secure apprenticeships

Apply to STEM apprenticeships and jobs added by UTC employer partners nationwide.


All the CEIAG tools you need to succeed





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Automatically collect &
collate destination outcomes

UTC leavers input their destinations on UTC Hub and these are collated into a filterable data dashboard for your SLT, governors and Ofsted. View destinations broken down by leaving age, gender, demographics, destination type, industry and more. The automatic collation of destination outcomes reduces workload for your staff and provides powerful granular data for use in student recruitment campaigns.

Meet Ofsted, CEIAG requirements and Gatsby Benchmarks

“The statutory duty requires governing bodies to ensure that all registered pupils at the school are provided with independent careers guidance from year 8 (12-13-year-olds) to year 13 (17-18-year-olds). External sources of careers guidance and inspiration could include employer visits, mentoring, website, and telephone and helpline access.”

Careers guidance and inspiration in schools, DfE, March 2015

Labour market information
  • Regional jobs data
  • Earning potential
  • Qualifications
  • Most popular industries
  • Commonly studied subjects & gender balance
Encounters with employers
  • Obtain advice from company representatives
  • Streamline the WEX process
  • Utilise “Meet the Apprentice” events
Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • Use student interest data to personalise careers advice
  • Labour market information is personalised for each student based on their demographic data
Experiences of workplaces
  • Make WEX easier to secure
  • Find employers that are willing to host industry visits

Without UTC Hub
Paper or Excel management of work experience is laborious and open to errors. Assisting students with finding work experience is extremely time consuming.

With UTC Hub
Centralise your WEX management, track students’ progress and easily keep on top of your legal and H&S requirements. Enable students to source and apply to WEX independently and free up staff time.


Automate the conversion of leavers to alumni and passively build a powerful support network for your students. Leverage this database to provide speakers, work experience, role models and mentors for your students.


Centralise the management of your employer partners and understand how your students are interacting with them. Filter employer partners by what they are happy to offer your students, e.g. attend careers fairs, mentor students etc. and keep on top of what opportunities are available at each company.

UTC Hub automatically tracks which companies, industries and careers your students are interested in. This data is then aggregated across the whole of your cohort and made available to staff in an easily digestible format. This can then be used to understand which potential new employer partners you should approach.

Employer Partners Using UTC Hub: