About The Baker Award


Recognising excellence in technical education

The Baker Award for Technical Education acknowledges the success of young people choosing technical education and excelling at University Technical Colleges (UTCs).

The award recognises a combination of qualifications, work experience placements and the development of wider competencies required in the workplace such as communication skills and problem-solving.

For many students, it is the first step towards becoming registered technicians.

Award Requirements

Good Grades in Technical Subjects


One 120 glh technical qualification at level 1 or 2
4+ GCSE passes at grades A*to G or 9-1


240 glh of technical qualifications at level 1 or 2
4+ GCSE passes at grades A*to C or 9-4, including English and maths


A combination of technical qualifications and A levels, equating to 3 full A levels

Technical Work Experience


1 week of work experience


2 weeks of work experience


2 weeks of work experience

Project Based Learning


1 project


2 projects


2 projects

Projects must be devised and delivered in partnership with one or more employers or a university and last between 2 and 8 weeks, with students working in teams of 2-6 to produce a defined outcome.

Professional Interviews

All participants must be interviewed by internal UTC staff and then by an external assessor (e.g. a business representative or STEM ambassador). They must be able to articulate the competencies described in the framework and explain how they have demonstrated them.

Award Timelines

January - Register Students

Identify the cohort of students to take part in The Baker Award and add them to your management section on UTC Hub.

February - Student Record

Students add the qualifications that they will achieve this year, record their work experience and project-based learning. Easily track students’ progress from your management area.

March - Assessor Recruitment

Recruit external volunteer assessors to interview students.

April - Student Assessment

UTC staff interview students to provide a preliminary assessment of award level and prepare the students for external interviews.

May - Volunteer Assessment

External volunteers interview students and assess the level of award.

September - Record Qualifications

Use the management area to record the grades achieved by students in each subject.

October - Award Level Calculations

Award levels are calculated using a combination of grades, evidence and interview feedback.

November - Inform students

You will receive information about successful award winners and of the date of the Gold Award Ceremony.

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